Area Expertise


Expertise in oncology and inflammatory
chronic diseases

Amgen is steeped in the science of creating, producing, and manufacturing life-changing medicines. Throughout our long history in oncology and inflammation, we have brought novel and practice-changing supportive and therapeutic biologics to patients with serious diseases. We are now applying that experience to developing our biosimilar medicines.


Scientific know-how

We have deep knowledge of the science of creating and producing biologic drugs, which are significantly more variable and structurally complex than chemically synthesized drugs.1


There for every Amgen patient,
every time

Amgen has not had a product shortage in 10 years, ensuring every patient's needs are met, every time. We have nearly four decades of experience producing high-quality biologics—and a determination to get medication to every Amgen patient, every time. We look forward to continuing this record of quality and reliability with our biosimilars.

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