Biologics Development

As a world leader and innovator in biologics for patients with life-threatening and chronic diseases, Amgen is proud to produce biosimilar medicines in pursuit of its mission: to serve patients.

Amgen’s core focus is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines for patients with serious illnesses. We are inspired every day to develop robust and differentiated high-quality therapeutics, from innovator biologics to biosimilars.

Networks that run wide and deep

Amgen’s long-standing commitment to innovation in biotechnology has led to the launch of 13 widely used biologic therapies and one biosimilar therapy in Canada and a deep global pipeline of 10 biosimilar medicines,1,2 including potential treatments for cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.

This long-standing commitment means that you can trust us to be a true dedicated partner and innovator in biologic and biosimilar medicines.

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